Today's latest unique and space-saving kitchen accessory!

Do you want an easier and more convenient way to store and access your placemats? Wouldn't you like to display your decorative placemats instead of putting them in drawers where no one else can see them?

Look no further. These unique placemat holders can be attached to the front or side of your refrigerator for easy and convenient access to your most frequently used placemats. Free up extra space in your kitchen/dining room drawers or closets in the process.

The magnetic sheets on the back of our placemat holders will attach to most refrigerators' doors and sides. If you have a refrigerator with non-magnetic stainless steel doors, the placemat holders can be magnetically attached to the sides of the refrigerator. You may also use the included suction cups to attach the placemat holders to the front of your stainless steel refrigerator door. Click here to see another alternative attachment device.

Use your mouse to examine the placemat holder via the 3D image below.